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"Mel Ayton's and David Von Pein's mutinously researched, readable book, shows.... how the public has been fooled into accepting theories built around nothing more than misinterpretation of evidence and crude speculation. ..."  J. Patrick O'Connor, Editor of Crime Magazine

"This book is a solid, readable and well balanced introduction to the JFK murder, from a lone assassin perspective." John McAdams, author of JFK Assassination Logic : How To Think About Claims Of Conspiracy and the Editor of The Kennedy Assassination website


 "Beyond Reasonable Doubt' is co-authored by two of my favourite assassination writers/commentators. For me, Ayton and Von Pein are a dream-ticket. Ayton is studious and measured whilst Von Pein is battle-hardened and caustic. Ayton's academic credentials, allied with Von Pein's years of ferocious, on-line exchanges with the baying masses of the Lee Harvey Oswald fan-club, have come together in this outstanding book. This meeting-of-minds is the iron fist inside the velvet glove of assassination writing.....Do I like or love this book? I love it! Readers who are grounded in provable facts and common-sense will love it to" Barry Ryder


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